Dev Update #1 - 30th December 2022

Dev Update #1 - 30th December 2022

It's been another exciting week in the world of Right to Rule. We've been hard at work bringing the game to the next level, and we're excited to share some of the new features and updates with you.

First up, we've been filling our new map with content again, adding unique house designs with fully furnished interiors and filling the map with quests, monsters, and all sorts of fun stuff to do. We've also revamped our loot system so it will be easier for us to manage what you're finding when you're stealing from the poor folk of Drakenheim.

Right to Rule - City
We've also created a Master Server service from scratch, which we are now in the process of integrating with the server browser. The Master Server will provide information about additional non-Steam servers to the server browser, what this means is that servers not hosted via Steam will also appear in the server browser.
Right to Rule - Quest Giver and Interior
The way ammo is loaded into ranged weapons has changed. No more ammo slot on your equipment! Now the weapon takes the chosen ammo type directly from the inventory, which makes it easier to grab more from the ground. We have more to do with this change including a new UI for quickly changing your ammo type while in combat, but these changes will make it easier when we eventually add one-handed ranged weapons.

Right to Rule - City Guard and City
Finally, we've been fixing various bugs that have cropped up with the AI and their behavior, trying to get as much as we can get working right for this demo.

We hope you're as excited as we are about these updates, and we can't wait to see you in the game!

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