Dev Update #2 - 6th January 2023

Dev Update #2 - 6th January 2023

Hey guys, this week we've continued polishing the game up for our Steam Next Fest submission. Here are the latest updates:

Right to Rule Player Character
Due to creating a new character model which will enable us to implement character customisation, we have had to redo many items to fit on the new character such as the armor and weapons.

Right to Rule AI - Guard Walking Down Street
We've Improved the AI pathing so that they can spread out more when trying to reach their destination, rather than forming a single line.

Right to Rule - Ranged Armour WIP
We started creating new armor options for Ranged and Magic playstyles that fit the new character model. These armor sets will offer unique bonuses and abilities to enhance gameplay for players who prefer these playstyles.

Right to Rule - Shop Keeper
We started populating the in-game shops with a variety of new items, including weapons and armor. We'll be adding even more items leading up to Steam Next Fest, so be sure to check back often.

Right to Rule - Mutli Interaction
The multi-interaction menu has received an update with better control and improved visuals.

Additional mentions:

  • Made some important fixes to the interaction system this week. First, we fixed the interaction to work properly on the server-side. This led to requiring some fixes to the client-side UI to ensure a smooth experience when interacting with the world, inventory, and hotbar.
  •  Added new ammo interactions as part of our ammo rework.

We hope these updates will make for a more exciting and immersive gaming experience. Be sure to check back next week for the next update!

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