Dev Update #3 - 13th January 2023

Dev Update #3 - 13th January 2023

We're back again with another update! We're still continuing to bug-fix our game and prepare it for the Steam Next Fest submission before we can get into making and improving any new features. Here's what we've been working on this week:

Right to Rule - Ranged Armor WIP
The ranged armour is coming along nicely, although still feels as if we can make some improvements in some areas but it will do for a starting point, we can then focus on making the Wizard robes to complement the magic playstyle


We have discovered and fixed some newly discovered issues pertaining to NPC behavior, including one that caused them to get completely stuck from the start of the match, and another where they would be invincible. 

We will soon start to re-create the artwork for our game to have a more sculpted look to it, this would include sculpting the different game assets instead of having hard-surface models. We feel that this will make our game pop and really define the style and tone of the game.

Right to Rule - Singleplayer
We have begun working on a basic singleplayer mode. We were primarily focused on the multiplayer experience and having everything be replicated to all clients from the dedicated server properly, but this lead to certain things not working at all in standalone. We're working towards having these things be fixed so you can play completely offline. At first it's just going to be a solo version of the multiplayer mode, but getting this done now will allow us to release other standalone modes, such as a fleshed-out story campaign.

Right to Rule - Server Browser WIP
Additionally, we've started getting some servers up for testing! We've opted to use a new solution for our servers which will allow us to manually scale the number of servers we have running based on how many active players we see.


And last but not least, we now support Linux. We ourselves will be using a Linux version of the Right to Rule server for more efficient resource usage.

Thanks for following along with our updates! Stay tuned for more  and see you all next week!

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