Dev Update #4 - 20th January 2023

Dev Update #4 - 20th January 2023

Hey everyone - We're back again with another update! This week we've really been focusing on finishing up the final touches for our demo submission which we've now sent over to Steam for review! As mentioned in earlier updates, we should be participating in either the Steam Next Fest on the 6th of February or the one later in Summer depending on the results of extensive playtesting.

- Fixed crash that would occur at the end of the game
- Fixed crash when traveling from the lobby map to drakenheim
- Fixed bug where screen would be fully black on respawn
- Fixed bug where Victoria Appleby's 'Fetch Me This' quest objective wasn't working correctly
- Fixed Waylan Smith's Shop being empty
- Fixed music not playing on the loading screen

Right to Rule - Area Box - WIP

- Disabled each individual grass blade casting a shadow as it caused a big performance drop to the CPU
- Melee weapons now work in standalone mode
- Updated the loading screen visuals
- Attribute bars now appear and update properly in standalone
- Fixed melee weapons not dealing damage in standalone

Right to Rule - Guard and Sword - WIP

- Fixed the quit button functionality for standalone
- Fixed bug where the player's screen would remain black after respawning
- Fixed crash caused by the server restarting the game as a player leaves
- Created new menu for our only current standalone mode so you can set a custom point limit, time limit, quest limit, or no limits at all
- Added area boxes that show you the name of the area you're in as well as playing music relevant to the area.




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