Dev Update #7 - 25th February 2023

Dev Update #7 - 25th February 2023

Hey everyone! Quick update again. We spent some more time focusing on our animations over the last couple weeks in preparation for our PAX East demo. This included:

The rotation aim offset now works with NPCs. This makes it so they can now look at you without fully turning such as when you talk to them.

Fixed the new turning animations to work with weapons and while attacking so it can look more natural when you're looking around and attacking.

Fully turning now smoothly rotates the character instead of instantly snapping the character towards the correct rotation.

The turn-in-place animation logic has been extended to work while crouched.

Updated the Idle/Movement animation logic to take into account walking backwards, sideways, and diagonally so changing direction while moving looks smoother and extended this logic to the crouched state.

Fixed bugs with turning animations which caused it to endlessly loop if it gets interrupted.

And finally we've fixed various other smaller bugs such as the character vertex groups not being assigned correctly and certain animations floating in the air.

That's it for this update. Have a good one!
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